day 50! {it’s been a year}

A year ago today, Dave and I had just moved into the house that we live in now.  After renovating for about a month we were glad to move in (especially after we had not been on our own in over a year due to YWAM and travelling, etc.) The day after we moved in, I was up early to go shoot my first wedding.  It was definitely a big week for us.

For some reason, it surprises me that we are still living here.  I don’t know that it’s because before we lived here we were so transient for almost a year, or if it’s because I fully expected the farm to sell shortly after we moved in.  At Christmas I thought to myself, “This place is a nice place to have our Christmas with the family, but I’m sure we won’t be here next year.”  Well, Christmas is a few months away and we’re still here!

Over the summer, my mindset with the garden was “Oh, isn’t it nice to have so much space to grow a garden…too bad we won’t be able to do this next year.” I still seem to expect us to be in a different house by next year…I’m not sure why.

I suppose I will just enjoy it while it lasts.  Above are pictures that I took with my iPhone while we were renovating.  I wished I had taken some with my real camera, but oh well…
Below are pictures I took this spring of the finished product.  There are a few things that have changed since then (but I didn’t have a wide angle right now to do new photos)

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