day 60: {blue cheesecake. evangelical atheists.}

Today we are celebrating my nieces birthday, and I made the cake.  She requested cheesecake.  Her favourite colour is blue.  Therefor, a blue cheesecake.  I just realized at this moment how weird this may sound if I just said it aloud to someone.  ”I made a blue cheese cake for my niece.”  No, it’s not made of blue cheese. (ew, that would be a gross cake).  It’s a cheesecake.  And it’s blue.

In other news….

I have been following a thread on facebook that is between an evangelical atheist, a few Christians and some indeterminates (they haven’t made clear indication of either way).  I won’t divulge in the details of thread because it’s SERIOUSLY long winded (the evangelical atheist seems to think that more words + verbosity = smart writing).  But it just got me wondering…
What’s the point of being an evangelical atheist, really?  It seems a little depressing, to be honest.  Here’s how I would imagine in layman’s terms, an atheist trying to convert someone:

(Above: My look of annoyance over
the assumption that being a Christ
follower means you pay no heed to
anything scholarly)

Atheist: Well, I am a seeker of truth.  And the truth is there’s nothing out there.  No point.  Once you die, you die.  The end. Pretty cool, eh?  How about it?  Wanna join the club?
Potential Converter: Err….

Depressing, no?

A lot of what I have heard in atheistic arguments makes the initial assumption that by being a Christian you are automatically discounting anything academic.  It’s as if they are saying, “You’re a Christian?  Geez.  And I thought you were more educated than that.”
As a Christian, however, I believe that God created the earth and everything in it.  I also believe that He set for us so many intricacies within science and nature etc, etc for us to study and learn and grow from.  The presumption that all Christians are blissfully ignorant of academia makes me want to pull out my hair and scream.
For an evangelical atheist to say “You shouldn’t believe in God because science has come so far since two thousand years ago” doesn’t even make sense.  So we’ve learnt more about science.  How does this disprove the existence of God?
I think I could go on about this for a long time, but in the spirit of succinctness,  I’d like to simply get a little post modern here and express my innermost feelings on the subject: “YARG! AAAAAGHHHGHG!!! BAAAHHH!” 
(No, this is not me being ignorant.  It’s just that sometimes monster sound effects are the only way to express ones point.)

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