day 64: {iWant}

Today was our day off.  We wandered some thrift stores in Langley and found a sweet board game from the 70′s called “Careers”.  I would have some photos to post of the day, but when I went to take photos with my iPhone today the camera stopped functioning.  Later in the day we went to the Mac Station (secretly hoping they’d say: “Poor girl!  We will replace it with an iPhone 4″).  All they did was reset it.  And it worked again.  Bittersweet, I guess.
We also had (what I thought was) a brilliant idea while we were there.  I have been ogling the iPad since it’s inception.  I need it.  There’s no way around this.  I just need the iPad.  But…getting it is a whole different story.  But I had a cunning plan today.  I have my old (4 years) macbook pro sitting in a drawer in my desk.  I used it up until this summer when I got my iMac.  It was kept because I thought I would want to still have something portable should we go on a trip.  But then…I realized today, ‘What if I could trade it for an iPad?’  I brought it in to the Mac station to get them to evaluate how much they would trade it for.  Not much they said (but I will find out tomorrow afternoon the exact number).  Although I’m still hoping that (if the number is too low) I can sell it on eBay and get enough to get an iPad (at the Mac Station they have to buy it for quite a bit lower than if it was sold privately because they still need to make money for resale).
That’s my story for the day.
I want an iPad.
And I’ve got no exciting pictures to share.  Sorry.

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