day 94: {productive}

Today we juiced and canned a little over 150lbs of apples.  It has become a little bit of a tradition with myself and Dave and my parents.  Having our own apple juice over the winter is amazing.  Real hot apple cider doesn’t even compare with that powdered crap from the grocery store.

On a separate note, I have been working on transferring my photography blog to wordpress…with much difficulty.  Oh, I’ve got the blog all transferred, yes.  But I am failing miserably at coding the design.  Does anyone know why my buttons for bringing up the “previous page” or “next page” of posts is simply bringing up the same first 5 posts of my blog? (even though the page number on the link says it is page2, page3, etc.)  Or, it is only calling one post (so, for example, I press “previous page” and it only brings up the previous post to the last post on the page.) I am not good at PHP code at all…and it’s starting to make my brain hurt a little bit…

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