Oct 23 2010

day 89: {fall wedding}

If you read my photography blog, then I apologize for the repeat.  But, alas!  This was what my day was filled with!  A lovely fall wedding, with perfect picture weather.  As per usual, nobody sees the rest of the pictures until the bride has seen the pictures. :)


Oct 22 2010

day 88: {don’t have a cow.}

He was quite curious of my reflector disc.  Almost too curious if you ask me.  If I hadn’t moved quick, I think it would now have been covered with cow slime.


Oct 21 2010

day 87: {macro continuation}

Today I continued my little macro fixation by taking a reflector and my flash out to see what I could get. I was using the gold reflector with my flash to simulate a setting sun (it was a complete overcast day today), although when I got into post processing I felt that blue tones suited this shot more…it looked a little bit like the flower (ha…weed) was frosty, ergo a wintery edit sufficed.

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Oct 20 2010

day 86: {water & light}

At the seminar this weekend I was inspired by one of the speakers who did a talk about macro.  One of the things he stressed was that if you can’t find the shot…then make the shot.  I decided to go out with a spray bottle and a reflector to see what I could get.  I’m really happy with the results!


Oct 19 2010

day 85: ‘hipsta tuesdays’ {matches the decor}

He knows he looks better sitting on the furniture than we do.  I think that’s why he gets so pissed when we kick him off to sit down.