day 103: {oops}

So….you may have noticed that I have not blogged for a while.
I know you have noticed, because I noticed that I was still getting lots of hits per day.  So you must have noticed.
I do have good reason for slacking off on my blog though!
In the past few weeks, I have done a wedding, an engagement session, a newborn session, 2 families, 1 portrait session and 1 mini child portrait session.  In the next two weeks I have 2 family sessions, 1 musician and 1 portrait.  Holy moly!  I feel a little busy!  On top of all that, I have been working overtime at getting my photography site done.  (It is due to launch Jan. 1) The mini child portrait session was for the website (and that’s what I did today.)  Here’s a picture I took after she left (as a filler image).  It is (obviously) for the contact session of my website.  Do you realize how difficult it was to find an old phone like that?  Wow…I never thought they would be so hard to come by.  I had Dave searching all over town yesterday while I was working.  This was the only one…
Well, I can’t promise that I will be posting something regularly again till after Christmas, but this is a start!

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