Nov 18 2010

day 104: {chairs}

I am always on the lookout for interesting chairs to use as props for photography.  Today I went out to MCC (the new one that is just furniture! It’s HUGE!)  and I found this set of four magnificent chairs.  I knew I wanted them immediately.  Imagine my disappointment when just as I told the salesman I wanted them, I saw another couple testing out one of the chairs.  ”Don’t worry!  We only want one!” They said.  What?  Who just buys one from a whole set?  Thankfully, the salesperson said it can only be sold as a set, and since they didn’t want all of them, I got it.  Yes!  The more I thought about it, the more I thought that I wanted them as my regular kitchen set.  I have been thinking of repainting my table white (it’s just a plan table from Ikea, and the finish is really scratched up).  Above is my plan for the chairs (forgive the crudeness of the mockup…I did it fairly quickly).  Part of me is torn, because the chair in it’s original state matches my record player cabinet perfectly.  However, they do need to be refinished (the varnish is quite sticky, and the fabric and stuffing needs to be replaced).  And this is the most versatile of all my options.  I can’t wait to start! (haha…when I find time between now and christmas… :S )


Nov 17 2010

day 103: {oops}

So….you may have noticed that I have not blogged for a while.
I know you have noticed, because I noticed that I was still getting lots of hits per day.  So you must have noticed.
I do have good reason for slacking off on my blog though!
In the past few weeks, I have done a wedding, an engagement session, a newborn session, 2 families, 1 portrait session and 1 mini child portrait session.  In the next two weeks I have 2 family sessions, 1 musician and 1 portrait.  Holy moly!  I feel a little busy!  On top of all that, I have been working overtime at getting my photography site done.  (It is due to launch Jan. 1) The mini child portrait session was for the website (and that’s what I did today.)  Here’s a picture I took after she left (as a filler image).  It is (obviously) for the contact session of my website.  Do you realize how difficult it was to find an old phone like that?  Wow…I never thought they would be so hard to come by.  I had Dave searching all over town yesterday while I was working.  This was the only one…
Well, I can’t promise that I will be posting something regularly again till after Christmas, but this is a start!


Nov 7 2010

day 100: {so close}

I have now gotten to the point where all the building blocks for my website are established.  I have figured out all the bugs in the wordpress template that I have now completely taken apart.  In the next week I will start assembling my website and making it look pretty.  Now comes the fun stuff. :)
I hope that I can find time to work on it this week though.  I have now booked more photography work since I last posted and my schedule is getting ridiculously full.  I can’t wait to simplify in a few months.
I also can’t wait for the Harry Potter movie in 12 days. Twelve days!!!!!!! HUZZAH!

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Nov 6 2010

day 99: {mushy brain}

This is me.  This is me knowing enough of PHP to get myself in trouble when trying to code my new website on WordPress.  This is me minutes before my brain explodes, because I have been trying to alter a PHP template that I downloaded (to make things simpler, right?) and I am continuously getting “fatal errors”.

This is me giving up for the night and going to bed.


Nov 5 2010

day 98: {winer}

Back in the day, Dave & I used to buy a bottle of wine quite regularly.  A certain trip to Europe, however, has made sure that we don’t have money to spend on alcohol (not that I’m complaining about said Europe trip though!).  A few days ago we bought a bottle of Port.  I have very much enjoyed having  a small glass before bed.  Today, Dave decided we should buy some wine. Two bottles, in fact! Imagine that!  We haven’t had this much alcohol in our house since…a very long time ago…
Right now I am enjoying a Riesling from the Blue Nun Winery.  (I haven’t had white wine in ages as well.)  It is an exciting day for sure.