Jan 31 2011

day 138: girls night

Tea +
Scones +
Cucumber Sandwiches +
Devilled Eggs +
Cake +
Chocolate +
Pedicures +
Manicures +
Facials +
Chatty ladies =
Lovely Evening.


Jan 30 2011

day 137: new things out of old things

I did not forget about my blog.
I just…uh…forgot to blog.
Actually, Friday was a long day and I went to sleep shortly after work. Saturday was an exciting day, but had few moments (*ahem*…or rather, no moments) free. I’m really excited about the goings on of Saturday, because it was planning for something that has been in the works for almost two years. A few years ago I started thinking about recycling fabric from thrift stores for new projects. One of my good friends was really into the idea and we would toss around ideas every now and then when we would get together. A year ago we decided to make a go of it…got a name, opened an etsy account…but…..
You know how it is.
About a month ago I decided that I was just going to start making more things out of recycled fabric even if I didn’t sell them. But then as I got going, I got really excited about making them for people. Honestly, I have no idea where this will go, but all I know is that I just like making things that people will enjoy. It makes me very happy. So that’s that!
Saturday we had a planning meeting…got out all our fabric and picked the colour story we wanted for spring/summer. We are starting small (in the next two weeks we plan on making enough to sell 20 sets of our product), and don’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too huge of a plan. My friend is a much more skilled seamstress than I am, so in addition to making the smaller accessories, she will be making larger things like purses, etc when she has time. I will be handling the business and marketing, which gets me really excited. I already have ideas for how to market the product and all we have is prototypes! ;)
Anyway, keep on the lookout. In about a month we will be launching the product on Etsy, with a website to view our company goals and visions.
I have a link on my sidebar to our etsy page (which at the moment I am selling 80′s My Little Ponies…the store will probably have a few vintage finds, but that won’t be the focus).
Chatty Budgies Etsy Shop


Jan 27 2011

day 136: thriftday {stripey}

One of my goals for having a day about thrifty-ness was to talk about not just thrift-store stuff, but to also talk about being “thrifty” with other things (in the future, I’ll share some of my cheap healthy recipes…etc, etc.)

Todays thrifty post is simply about my $10 dress from H&M that I got yesterday. I wasn’t really planning on posting about this, but I was outside taking some pictures for a friend when I decided I might as well do a few for my blog. I don’t really plan on doing regular “What I wore” sort of posts, because honestly, there are enough people who have whole blogs devoted to what they wore. And considering I’m not much of a model…well…we’ll just keep these kinds of posts at a minimum.
Anyway…It’s a very rare occasion when I actually will buy something when it’s full price at a store. This dress was $40 full price! $30 saved. Being thrifty with new product means being patient till when it goes on sale.
Now I don’t plan on spending too much time/money on new clothes this year (and when I say new, I mean brand new. “New to me” is what I’m going for.) Dave and I are trying to be more conscious about buying second hand stuff (not just to save money, but more to save waste). But there is the odd occasion that I will not be able to resist a cute little H&M dress on sale. :)

PS: Today I was feeling totally crappy. I guess the stress of yesterday’s work knotted up my shoulders and today I woke up with a mondo headache and stiff neck. I was very deliberate when I dressed this morning to put on something pretty, because at least if I felt gross I didn’t look half bad. ;)


Jan 26 2011

day 135: wthw {not really feelin’ it.}

I really didn’t want to blog today. But in the spirit of perseverance, here goes.
I had a busy morning doing the finishing edits on a wedding that I did recently. There was some really challenging colour balancing (the ceremony was in a church with RED carpet. The colours were blue and pink…and the carpet made everyone look like they had red skin.) So by noon my eyes were done looking at the screen.
But, on a happier note–I booked tickets for VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) today for our Valentines. I am so very excited. Dave and I used to go out to Vancouver a lot more for theatre and I’ve always wanted to include VSO in our culture budget. Luckily convincing Dave was not a problem (we listen to CBC almost exclusively), and now here we are! Two tickets to Rachmaninoff & Dvorak with Sara Davis Buechner on piano at the Orpheum. Huzzah!!!
Now I have the the *ahem* dilemma of what to wear.
Anyway, after feeling totally over being on the computer this afternoon, I decided to take a quick trip to H&M to find some tights (and if I happ’d upon one–a dress). I, of course walked out with nothing that I intended–although I did find this sweet little gold leaf necklace.
But…I still can’t figure out what I’d like to wear. I’ve searched Etsy…the problem that I’ve found is that all I seem to find is XS or S sizes. Some medium. Not very many large. Yarg. I was just on ShopRuche.com…nice…but nothing stood out. Went to Modcloth.com and that was…over my budget.
Any suggestions on places to look? I want classy, retro. Probably full skirted, (but I’m not picky) and NOT strapless. I really wanted something ice blue. But again…not picky.


Jan 25 2011

day 134: hipsta tuesday {organized}

I seem to take great pleasure in organizational activities. Many times, when I am bored I will take on an area of the house and do an overhaul. Yesterday it was the closet. The thing that pleases me the most is all the hooks that I hung for the jewelry and scarves that I wear the most. Clean Closet = Happy Courteney.