day 132: A heapful of old stuff.

I couldn’t resist.
Dave & I went to our newest favourite spot: “Granny & Grumpas” (I blogged about it last week: “The Find of a Century”). We took my parents and brother and sister-in-law today after church. I didn’t really have any intention of buying anything…but really…you can’t go there and walk away empty handed. It’s impossible. Today I came home with two books: “Beetons Book of Household Management” (It’s copyright 1861, but this was printed in 1977), and my personal fave: “Foods, Nutrition & Home Management Manual. Home Econimics Circular No. 1″ (Distributed by the department of Education of British Columbia. Printed in 1939.) They will fit in quite nicely with my vintage Etiquette books.

I also got a stack of vintage valentines cards (from what I can gather so far, they range from the early 1900′s to the 1940′s–with a majority of them being in the 10′s to 30′s range.) I can’t decide whether to sell them on Etsy or to keep them all to myself. They are so pretty! Almost all of them were printed in Germany (although they are all in English) and have some sort of pinwheel action (arms moving, etc) or are popup die cut cards.

The last things I found are two paintings that I will be blogging about tomorrow. They need a little TLC first, which is my plan for my day off tomorrow. :)

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