day 133: the trials and tribulations of a Monday.

It appears that there was some strange force that was doing whatever it could to stop me from blogging about these paintings today.
As I said in my last post, I had planned on writing about these paintings since yesterday, but I needed to give them a little tlc first. This morning had cleaned them up all nice…but everything was broken glass in frames, finding new glass that was an inch too long, no nails to hang the paintings…arg. After I had finally gotten them hung up and prettified, I snapped a few pictures of them and got to work. I was literally a minute away from opening word press to post, when the Internet went down. A minute! One freaking minute!! I fandangled with the router for a while, but finally relented and decided to let my brother fix it in the morning. It was still early, however, so dave and I figured we’d go to the local coffee shop with wifi to finish our work.
I figured I’d just quickly throw the pictures onto my iPad and work from there. Apparently, however, 2 images take up more than the allotted space on my iPad. Really? Two 1024px images take up 5gb? What the heck?
This was proving to be a lot more difficult than your average blog.
Finally (after shouting at my iPad for a few minutes) I realized there was a folder in my Aperture program library that claimed to hold 13000 images (13000 imaginary images, I might add).
Ok. So that box got unchecked. 2 blog images, now on my iPad.
But apparently my blog app than I had from before I used word press doesn’t support sites. Only And nor can the word press website upload images to your blog when you are using an ipad.
Seriously. It was just supposed to be a simple post. Two pictures and a little text.
After downloading the officially word press app (supports .org!) I attempted my login. Error.
Dsjkfbkjsdvbksdvbkjskbsdkjvskjbsdvbs……..*steam comes from Courteney’s ears*
Tried login again.
Error. Apparently something needed to be checked off within the admin of my website to allow for iPad editing…or…whatever…
So here I am. My espresso macchiato is done (and it was burnt tasting), and so is this post.
Well…kind of. I haven’t even written about the paintings.
Ahhhh…so….ta da! My paintings from Granny & Grumpas. 2 dollars for these beauties. They look great above my piano. :) I have no idea if they are actually old, if they were someones high school art project, or what…but I love them.

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