day 136: thriftday {stripey}

One of my goals for having a day about thrifty-ness was to talk about not just thrift-store stuff, but to also talk about being “thrifty” with other things (in the future, I’ll share some of my cheap healthy recipes…etc, etc.)

Todays thrifty post is simply about my $10 dress from H&M that I got yesterday. I wasn’t really planning on posting about this, but I was outside taking some pictures for a friend when I decided I might as well do a few for my blog. I don’t really plan on doing regular “What I wore” sort of posts, because honestly, there are enough people who have whole blogs devoted to what they wore. And considering I’m not much of a model…well…we’ll just keep these kinds of posts at a minimum.
Anyway…It’s a very rare occasion when I actually will buy something when it’s full price at a store. This dress was $40 full price! $30 saved. Being thrifty with new product means being patient till when it goes on sale.
Now I don’t plan on spending too much time/money on new clothes this year (and when I say new, I mean brand new. “New to me” is what I’m going for.) Dave and I are trying to be more conscious about buying second hand stuff (not just to save money, but more to save waste). But there is the odd occasion that I will not be able to resist a cute little H&M dress on sale. :)

PS: Today I was feeling totally crappy. I guess the stress of yesterday’s work knotted up my shoulders and today I woke up with a mondo headache and stiff neck. I was very deliberate when I dressed this morning to put on something pretty, because at least if I felt gross I didn’t look half bad. ;)

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