day 152: thriftday {present!}

I love giving gifts. But not being able to spend money on awesome gifts sucks. In the last few years, Dave and I had to make a decision about whether or not we would continue giving our nephews and nieces birthday presents. There’s 6 of them, and what with my 3 siblings + siblings-in-law, Dave’s sister and our parents birthdays, it starts to add up. I hate the idea of just handing over a card on a birthday though.
So I started making gifts when I could for my nieces and nephews. It usually ends up that when I make one thing for one of them, the rest of them want something like it. A few years ago, it was sock monkeys. I tried to make them different according to each niece or nephew. This is Redford, the rock-star sock monkey. (He also came with a sock-rat band manager who had a t-shirt that said “I’m with the band”). He was for my oldest nephew, who was 13 at the time. Redford had a star tattoo, lip and brow piercing, a star stud upper ear piercing, a Fender Strat guitar, leather wrist cuff and a sweet black tee. I made everything by hand (except for the guitar!).
I had so much fun making all the sock monkeys for all the kids, and I know that they love them. Just the other day my youngest nephew (who got his sock monkey when he was 1) very proudly took his sock monkey to preschool with him on Valentines day.
The top picture is a gift for my niece who’s birthday we are celebrating today. I had made one similar to this for my youngest niece in January (it was an owl on a stick, with a pink polka-dot background). The rest of the kids informed me that they wanted one just like it, and proceeded to request different animals.
If you are crafty, making presents is the best way to go! It’s thrifty, and I find they are always so appreciated.
And it’s also just a whole heck of a lot of fun. : )

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