day 157: dave solo, galactic hero.

Ach, I’ve been a bad blogger.
I hate when I’m a bad blogger.
Today we had a mini b-day party for Dave. His birthday is tomorrow, and we are celebrating with the rest of the family in March when we can all get together. He turned 29. Can you believe it? Next year I will be married to a 30 year old. Dave can hardly believe it himself.
While we were in the car today, we had this conversation:
Courteney: The weather is so cold. Next year this time, let’s fly to Vegas and celebrate your birthday.
Dave: Yeah, but that’s something I’d want to do on my 30th birthday.
Courteney: It will be your 30th birthday.
Dave: No, I’m turning 29 next year.
Courteney: No, you’re turning 29 this year.
Dave: *silence* Oh. Yeah! That’s a great idea. Let’s go to Vegas next year.


The above picture is the card I made him. Since we couldn’t afford to get the entire present he requested, I made up for it with an awesome card. It’s Dave as Hans Solo, riding the Millennium Falcon, shooting a Nazi war plane. Inside it says “Hope your birthday is a blast.”
Not bad.

PS: Monday I fell down some stairs at a friends place. I went to the doctor today and he said I sprained my ribs. Ouch. It’s kind of awkward.

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  • Linnea Says:


    That makes me very sad. Sorry our stairs suck! I’ve put them in the corner for a time-out so hopefully they don’t do that again.

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