day 160: the video.

Our internet was down from Friday evening till Monday afternoon. But since WordPress has this clever little option to post on whatever date I want, I can make it look like I posted Sunday. But we all know it’s Tuesday.
Here’s the video that I made for Dave’s work at church. He’s been trying to get all the sound tech people together for a meeting on proper protocol, but can’t seem to get them in the same place at once. So we made a little video for them to watch, and hopefully enjoy.
This is the biggest project I’ve done with my 7D so far, and I’m still not used to the manual focus while filming. Tricky. I’m also used to using programs that are a little better than iMovie, but alas! That is all I have on my computer right now. (I’ve got the Final Cut discs, but when I tried to install it, it did funny things to my Aperture library. I think there’s a certain way you have to install if you have Aperture).
We also didn’t film enough clips for the first section, so if any clips look like the were reused…then…yes….
Oh, and you should watch it in a higher resolution. It will be more awesome. Don’t watch it in the default 360p. Yuck.

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  • Katie Waters Says:

    I love your music choices Courteney, for both videos. After watching the one about being a sound tech, I wanna go watch an episode of Bewitched.

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