day 162: the 70′s.

I’ve been in the mood for clothing with a 70′s vibe lately. Without anything in particular to blog about today, I decided to post what I was wearing, since I liked it so much. :)
My top is from Istanbul, from one of those little hippy shops that are so prevalent in the city. I absolutely love the colours and the print on this top. And it reminds me of a fabulous city that I plan on visiting again.

(I couldn’t seem to find a picture of myself wearing it in Istanbul, but here’s a pic of a much slimmer/tanned Courteney when we were in Budapest, which we went to shortly after Istanbul).

While typing this, I’m listening to some classic 70′s John Denver, wishing I had a pair of high waisted bell bottoms with platforms and thinking about growing my hair long and rocking a center part.

Um…I am also wishing the temperature outside would be in the 70′s.

Too much 70′s?

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