Mar 13 2011

my weekend project…

My husband is the music pastor at a local church (Ross Road Community Church) here in Abbotsford, and because of that I have had opportunity to work on a number of videos that are used for the church. I have always loved video projects (although have never actually had any training in it) and it’s been great for me to actually have real projects with goals (and not just filming my cat…haha). To be honest, video was something that I was interested in far before I ever even discovered photography but for some reason only ever pursued it on a personal level. The fact that quality video cameras were a lot less accessible when I was a teenager was probably a big factor too. When they started making SLR’s with video capabilities I decided that (since I was in the market for a new SLR camera) getting one with video was a must (even if it meant that I would just make videos of my cat…although I hoped it would be more than that. ;) ).
This video was shot for the Sunday service (today) for the sermon based on Colossians 2:16-23 (Freedom from human rules). My husband came up with the idea for the video and I came up with the aesthetics and shot and edited it.

We shot it in about an hour with one of the girls from the youth group (who had no idea about this before, we just showed up during youth and asked for a volunteer. She did well, I think!) It was in the church gymnasium, which we had completely dark except for one tree of halogen lights (from my dads construction site) and another smaller floor halogen light (another construction light). I only had about 3 hours to edit it, but it’s a fairly simple video so I wasn’t terribly stressed about my time crunch.
I’m excited to do more videos for services, and can’t wait to develop a little more in my video making. I hope you enjoyed it! :)


Mar 12 2011

chatty budgies: workday!

Today Andrea & I had our first official Chatty Budgies workday! We have both been sewing independently, but have decided that for the sake of continuity with product we should sew together. It was a very productive day, making patterns and planning packaging. I love doing this so much! I’m so excited to get some product up online. It has taken longer than expected, but isn’t that how it always goes? Our goal is to have pictures taken in two weeks so that we can finally post & sell stuff.


Mar 10 2011

thriftday: project restyle

Lately I’ve been following a blog called “A Beautiful Mess” and have enjoyed reading a regular post the author does called “Project Restyle” The challenge is to take something unwanted and turn it into something useable/wanted. Since this is something that I have been doing on a regular basis for the last few months, I decided to submit a photo to the Flickr group (where other people are also involved in the Project Restyle). I probably won’t blog about the whole process every time I make something out of a thrifted item (it’s quite time consuming to have to set up and take pictures of each step!) But I do plan on posting more of my projects in the future.
I found this skirt at MCC today. It’s a light shapeless rayon skirt with elastic waistband. I loved the pattern of it and knew that I could do something with it.
My Plan with the skirt was to cut it at midpoint so that I could add some more shape to the skirt. It was a long gradual a-line skirt (not that you could tell when it was on though). I measured to where I wanted the waistline to begin – 15″ down from the waist (figure 1) marked a line and cut. (figure 2)
I wanted to have some front pleats in the skirt because it needed to have a little bit of shape, but I wanted the front to sit fairly flat. I measured to have two 2″ wide pleats on the front of the dress at 6″ from the sides of the dress (figure 3). Once those were pinned, I basted them into place. After that was done, I folded the top over 1/4″ ironed it (I find that if I iron before I sew, I do a better job of sewing) and sewed, so that when I made my waistline I would have no loose threads. (figure 4)
I decided that the back of the dress would be elastic so that it would be nice and comfortable. So next I folded the top over again 1″ (enough to fit the elastic in) (figure 5 & 6). I left two openings on the sides of the waistline so I could feed the elastic through easily. (TIP: I always attach a safety pin to the end of elastic when I feed it through, so that it’s easy to pull through (figure 7)) After attaching the elastic at either end, I closed up the openings and was finished!
The skirt is really comfortable and will be fairly versatile for me. I love the 70′s colours and I think it will go well from summer into fall this year.
After I finished the dress and was cleaning up I realized that the part I cut off the top of the skirt could be used as a top with the skirt! It will be a nice summer outfit for days that warrant something flowy and light.

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Mar 8 2011

hipsta tuesday: {blah}

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for the last few days. That’s probably because I feel a little like this:

You may have also noticed that I did not number today. That is because I have decided that 365 blogs are passe.
And I was also tired of feeling obligated to blog every day.
I really love to write, and I really hate feeling like I have to write something, even when I don’t have something to write. (ya know?)
I want to provide interesting posts that are well written. Not just a plethora of forced babble.
So 365 is out. I still plan on writing regularly, so fear not!

PS: Today I came home from work, feeling like poop. My sore throat/cough that I had for a week has now turned into a new head cold complete with burning sinus and watering eyes. I was just about to sit down and relax when I saw one of my cows galloping (yes, galloping) through my front yard. I quickly ran out to see that both our cows were out and one was by the road (getting spooked by every car that drove by). We had to lure them back into their field with oats (and we still have no idea how they got out–although there were two strange vehicles with some strange men staring at me at our office next door…hmmm…trouble makers?)
Not how I wanted to wind down after being sick at work all day.
Silly cows.


Mar 5 2011

day 163: just some crazy birds.

It’s no secret that I’m no nature photographer. I haven’t the patience or the stealth to properly capture any wild animal in a photograph. But today I was stuck in bed for most of the day, being nice and sickly. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the first warm (ish) one for a while. All I heard, consequently, was birds chirping like crazy outside my window. As soon as I was feeling a little better later in the day, I went outside for some fresh air with my camera to try and catch some birds. Let me tell you though, aside from the fact that I’m clumsy and can’t sneak up on a thing normally…when I have a loud bronchial cough, it makes it even more awkward. But I managed to get a few shots:

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