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Lately I’ve been following a blog called “A Beautiful Mess” and have enjoyed reading a regular post the author does called “Project Restyle” The challenge is to take something unwanted and turn it into something useable/wanted. Since this is something that I have been doing on a regular basis for the last few months, I decided to submit a photo to the Flickr group (where other people are also involved in the Project Restyle). I probably won’t blog about the whole process every time I make something out of a thrifted item (it’s quite time consuming to have to set up and take pictures of each step!) But I do plan on posting more of my projects in the future.
I found this skirt at MCC today. It’s a light shapeless rayon skirt with elastic waistband. I loved the pattern of it and knew that I could do something with it.
My Plan with the skirt was to cut it at midpoint so that I could add some more shape to the skirt. It was a long gradual a-line skirt (not that you could tell when it was on though). I measured to where I wanted the waistline to begin – 15″ down from the waist (figure 1) marked a line and cut. (figure 2)
I wanted to have some front pleats in the skirt because it needed to have a little bit of shape, but I wanted the front to sit fairly flat. I measured to have two 2″ wide pleats on the front of the dress at 6″ from the sides of the dress (figure 3). Once those were pinned, I basted them into place. After that was done, I folded the top over 1/4″ ironed it (I find that if I iron before I sew, I do a better job of sewing) and sewed, so that when I made my waistline I would have no loose threads. (figure 4)
I decided that the back of the dress would be elastic so that it would be nice and comfortable. So next I folded the top over again 1″ (enough to fit the elastic in) (figure 5 & 6). I left two openings on the sides of the waistline so I could feed the elastic through easily. (TIP: I always attach a safety pin to the end of elastic when I feed it through, so that it’s easy to pull through (figure 7)) After attaching the elastic at either end, I closed up the openings and was finished!
The skirt is really comfortable and will be fairly versatile for me. I love the 70′s colours and I think it will go well from summer into fall this year.
After I finished the dress and was cleaning up I realized that the part I cut off the top of the skirt could be used as a top with the skirt! It will be a nice summer outfit for days that warrant something flowy and light.

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