thriftday! pt 1: Chalkboard Calendar

I have been pretty thrifty this week. Therefore, there will be two thrifty posts!
Lately, Dave and I have been talking about planning out the upcoming week on Monday, and writing it all down for both of us to see. We’ve had those ugly magnetized fridge whiteboards, but I hate how they look after a while (actually, I hate how they look all the while). So I decided to make a little chalkboard week calendar to hang up in our new place (right now there’s no place for it.)
I started by using an old picture frame that was missing it’s glass. I painted the backing of the frame with chalkboard paint and I spray painted the frame white.
Next I masked out thin strips where I painted the lines to separate the days. I did eight boxes: one title box and then 7 days of the week.
After I finished painting that I hand painted the days of the week in each box (making sure to do it in pencil first!)

Et voila! The finished product. I have a chalk pencil that I use to write in the schedule. It’s much nicer that way. I can sharpen it when it gets dull, and it writes nice and clear. I also don’t get my hands all chalky when I write in the board. :S

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