thriftday: pt. 2: Sweet retro furniture!

Dave and I LOVE mid-century modern furniture. LOVE it. But, unfortunately it can get a bit pricey. Thankfully, if you scour the thrift stores long enough, you can find some pretty cool things. We’ve been searching for a while for a coffee table and side table for our living room. We had a huge ikea table (the LACK series). It was espresso black and looked too harsh with our white airy furniture. It also took up a ton of space. When we originally bought it we envisioned playing boardgames around it with friends (since it was so huge). However, the kitchen table seems to be just fine for that.
This week we were in the MCC Furniture store (looking for bookshelves for my office) and happed upon this sweet coffee table. I was stoked! It looked just like some of the coffee tables I had seen in the mid-century modern furniture stores in Vancouver…and here it was waiting for us to buy it in Abbotsford. We also had been wanting to buy one of those sweet tiered side tables that everyone had in their homes in the 60′s (and thus, they litter every thrift store). But we didn’t want to buy one if we couldn’t get a matching coffee table. Just our luck though, since the side table and the coffee table we found matched perfectly!
Here’s our new tables:

My vintage Life Magazines look awesome on our new coffee table. Yay!

PS: We are selling our coffee table and side table. Email me if you are interested.

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