we are moving!

I can finally say for certainty…
We are moving.
I have many mixed feelings about it. Overall, this is a very good thing. The property that we have been living on for the last (almost) 2 years has been up for sale for a while, and finally sold about 3 weeks ago. This is a very good thing for everyone who has been involved in the property. The new owners take possession at the end of June, and they *sigh* don’t want us as renters. I must admit, there is a part of me that is slightly offended by this. I mean really…we’re the reason this place looks as good as it does. We completely renovated it before we moved in it in Sept. 09 I painstakingly painted aaalllll the trim in the house to look as nice and even as it does. We redid the bathroom. The floors. Everything.
Oh…I could go on about how much work I’ve put into this place.
But…alas. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are moving, and that’s that. Just yesterday Dave and I found the place that we will be moving into at the end of April. There are a lot of positive things about that place, but I have a feeling after we move I might still drive past our current place and sigh.
I decided to put together a little pros & cons list to convince myself that moving is a fabulous idea.
#1 Pro about current house: My kitchen/eating area. It’s such a huge kitchen for us, and I love the big windows in the eating nook.
I LOVE having breakfast here. Especially now in spring when the weather is getting nicer and you can eat breakfast watching the sun rise. Fab.

#1 CON of our current house:
I’d have to say the noise is the biggest issue. It’s loud. We can’t watch movies with the furnace going. It’s that loud. Our fridge (since the brownouts last fall) makes this terrible groaning noise every half hour or so (that lasts for about 10 minutes). Our neighbours are a mushroom farm, and their truck drivers are careless. They drive down their driveway SO fast that our house shakes. My dad (who’s the owner of the property) has complained to them several times. There’s a sign that says “Drive slow”. But they don’t care. This goes well into the night.
#1 PRO of our new place:
The rent! It’s WAY cheaper than what we are used to. Huzzah! We will be saving truckloads of money. Er…I hope.
#1 CON of our new place:
*Sigh* The kitchen is nowhere near as cool as our current kitchen. There’s not really a designated eating area in it. We’re still not sure where we will be putting our table. It’s quite large, and has lots of cupboard space…but it just isn’t as nice as are current one.

The rest of the pros & cons:

- My office is ginormous. Seriously. It’s almost 300 sq. feet. Ah! I love it. I use half of it as a studio, and it’s been so great.
- The front deck! It’s AMAZING! It’s huge and covered and we have these two beautiful old maple trees right in front of it. It’s so nice in summer. I also spent 3 weeks clearing out a 20 year old ivy plant that was eating the entire front porch. (read about it here and here)
(the view from our deck. A vineyard, and Mt. Baker. Yes please.)
– I have a garden of my at our current house. And lots of big pots of flowers on our fantastic deck.
- We have so much space, we didn’t know what to do with it when we first moved in. I have my huge office. Dave has an office. Dave also has a den. Plus a mudroom/storage area. And a shed. It was all quickly filled with stuff…and now we have to downsize. (See my craigslist ad for my favourite blue couch that’s in my studio. Sad. It won’t fit in our new place.)

- Acres of lawn mowing. This is Dave’s least favourite thing to do. The new place has a small lawn that seems like child play next to the yard we have to keep up now.
- We are so far from everything. It takes an hour to walk to the nearest grocery store. And I am certainly not going to walk back home for an hour with arms full of grocery bags.
- One of the big cons for us about this house is that it’s not a house…it’s a trailer. Not that living in a trailer is a huge deal to us, but there are things like (for example) the drywall in trailers is way thinner than in regular houses (I guess to make it easier to move). This means hanging things on the wall is a pain. It can’t be too heavy, otherwise it will just pull out of the wall. We’ve definitely noticed build quality is a lot different from living in a house.

- It’s a 10 minute walk from a grocery store and coffee shop! There’s a park right down the road! Finally I won’t feel isolated!! Huzzah!
- Um. The bathroom is the biggest bathroom I have ever seen. It has a soaker tub. Rainwater shower nozzle. COUNTER SPACE! The owners had expanded it by knocking out the wall between the old bathroom and the bedroom next to it. Seriously. It’s the size of a bedroom & bathroom combined. Whoa.
- Hardwood floors in the living room and bedrooms. Real hardwood floor. I love wood floors. LOVE.
- We will be getting a walk-in closet in the bedroom. AH! Yes! A walk-in closet! Dream come true!!
- The living room is big enough that I can have my piano in it! Yay!

- Well, this isn’t really about the new house, but more about moving away from our old house. There are these outdoor cats that I have kind of sort of befriended. One of them is preggos right now. I am very sad to be moving when Cali-cat is to be having kittens. I would very much like to take a kitten…but I don’t think we will be here when it happens. Sad.

Umm…other than the kitchen, there are really no cons that I can think of with the new house. We will have enough space. The living room has a HUGE window that gives lots of natural light (that’s a big PRO for me.) And we will be able to do gardening as well. This is most exciting.

Well, it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons for our new place. I’m excited to move. I really think this new place is going to be great.

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