Ok. I’m fully aware that this is not a very good picture. But bear with me.

Dave and I are always on the lookout for mid-century danish modern teak furniture. There’s a shop in Vancouver on Main St. that we love to go to that has beautiful stuff. WAY out of our price range though. We’ve recently chatted about getting a new bedroom set, but only if something came up. Right now our bedroom set is a mix of my old furniture, ikea, and thrift store. It works, but Dave’s dresser is falling apart and our bed isn’t doing too well. (I’m pretty sure it’s not going to survive getting moved again.)
Today we went to MCC (Um. Hello. My favourite thrift store.) I intended on buying a few picture frames for the new place. I had no idea that they were having a huge sale. “Great!” I thought. “My picture frames will be half off!” And I went on my way. I happened to pass this set, however, and my jaw dropped. This is exactly (EXACTLY) the kind of set that we’ve been wanting, but can’t afford. It’s all solid wood, teak…perfect condition. Five piece bedroom set…on sale for, wait for it….$296. WHAT? I sat there giggling like a little school girl for about 5 minutes trying to convince Dave. He loved it, but there is an issue of room in our new place. I ultimately left it up to him (I didn’t want to make a big stink about it…despite it being BEAUTIFUL and ridiculously cheap), and he decided that we should wait on it. I told the salesman that furniture like this sells in Vancouver for easily (EASILY) 5 times the amount. (Actually, I just googled something similar and it was selling for $8000. This is why we haven’t bought anything like it yet.)
So I went on my (not so) merry way and picked out picture frames and Dave wandered off in a different direction. He found me again and said that he found an old radio (in the silent auction) that he wanted to show me when I had the chance. When I went to find him, he was at the till chatting with one of the salesmen (whom we knew). I got closer and noticed that he was filling out a form. I figured he was bidding on the radio. Not quite as cool as a whole bedroom set…but still…pretty cool.
And then I looked on the form, and saw “Five piece bedroom set–to be delivered on Wednesday.”
Best. Husband. Ever.
I can’t wait. I will make it fit in our new place.

Um…Does anyone want an Ikea bed?

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