the silence…

I know I’ve been silent for the last two weeks, but I have good reason. I promise.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that we’ve found a place to live. Well, we are now amidst huge renos at the place that need to be done by middle of next week. Eek!
Here’s a list of what is getting/has already been done:
- Paint the living room
- The bathroom is HUGE. And when I say HUGE, I mean…it’s the size of a bathroom plus a bedroom. (Er, because that’s what it is.) The owners at one time decided to extend their bathroom into the bedroom beside. Unfortunately now the bathroom has a bunch of wasted space. So we are making it slightly smaller by putting in a walk-in closet for the Master bedroom beside the bathroom and a small linen closet for the bathroom. I just finished sanding today and will be painting all the new walls on Saturday. Next week we will put the closet shelving in.
- The FLOORS. Oy. This has been one thing after another for the floors. Originally we thought we were just going to leave them. And then we found out we could get some wood to match a spot in the living room where the old stairway used to be (which has new unmatched floor). And then that didn’t work. And then we thought we could use the original hardwood from the closet that we built to fill in the spot in the living room. We ripped up the hardwood (that’s a whole job in itself)…and then decided against replacing the new hardwood, and now we are going to try and match it with a stain. Ahhh…So….we started sanding it with a big giant floor sander. Unfortunately, the people at Home Depots rental department are a bunch of dinguses and they rented us the wrong sander. They rented us a finish sander, which will NOT take the floor right down to the wood…unless you sand in the same spot for 2 hours. When Dave went back to Home Depot to ask them about it, they said they don’t like to rent out the *ahem* PROPER floor sander because it works too well. ie, If you don’t do it right you can sand divets in your floor. But hey! Why not just tell the people how to do it right, and then they won’t screw it up! No, instead you recommend the wrong sander and we spend hours upon hours sanding and sanding and not getting anywhere. Oy. OY! So…Dave has the right sander today. And it’s a million times faster. No joke. He’s almost finished everything in half a day when it took him 2 days to do half the living room.
But here’s the kicker: We still have to rent the finish sander now…again. Thanks Home Depot.
After we sand, we are going to try and match the new hardwood to the old hardwood with a stain (it’s a different type of wood from the old stuff). Then we will lacquer…and voila! The floors will be done.
Aaand…that’s why I haven’t blogged. I probably won’t again till we move. So I guess I’ll see you in two weeks!

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