oh, the lilac tree…

Here’s to blogging on a slightly more regular basis! Huzzah! Hopefully I can keep this up. :)
Today was BEA-U-TIFUL. I went to the nursery and bought a few annuals for my big wooden planters, and man oh man…the nursery was a mad house. I can’t believe I made it out alive. Hopefully I can get my flowers planted in the next few days. Provided this nice weather stays around.
I also went to our old house and cut the biggest baddest bunch of lilacs you ever did see. I think I might even go back for more. I figured…hey, no one is going to be living their till July, and by then the lilacs will be gone. I might as well enjoy them while they are there. To be honest, when I was clipping them, I thought to myself “This is enough for 4 vases!” And then when I got home, I just couldn’t help but make one ginormous arrangement in my favourite vintage vase.
PS: How about those adorable vintage brass birds on the wall? I <3 them SO much!
PSS: I am having BBQ farmer sausage for dinner. Three cheers for BBQ season!!

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