this afternoon {may long weekend}

First things first: I am insanely impressed by the quality of image the iPhone 4 takes. I am blown away by how well it focuses. Seriously. And then with all the sweet photo editing apps you can get…I mean really, if you are looking for a simple camera, and are also in the market for a phone… buy an iPhone. No joke.
This weekend was the May long weekend. To be honest, it felt pretty much the same to me. Except that Dave and I went and got ice-cream on Saturday and then went Antiquing. Maybe tomorrow it’ll feel like we had more of a long weekend, since Dave is off.
Today we went to Aldergrove Lake (*ahem* Aldergrove concrete-lined-hole-in-the-ground). Concrete lined hole aside, the rest of the park is actually quite lovely! I plan on taking clients there in the future to do photos. The biggest attraction for photos being the nice quiet trails where subjects won’t get weirded out by passers by. Important.
Ok, but for serious…I was taking pictures of bees in apple blossoms with the iPhone. I even got a picture of one mid-flight. For real. And it was easy-peasy.

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