{♥} inside our house

I’ve been planning on doing a blog about our new house for the last little while, but it seems I get overwhelmed when I start taking pictures of all the rooms and details. And I know that if I shared all the pictures at once it will overwhelm you. So I decided to share little bits at a time in a weekly post called “{♥} inside our house”.
This detail of the house is something I’ve been waiting and waiting to share. I ABSOLUTELY adore (and I mean ADORE) these lamps (err, there are two. The other is on the matching bedside table). And then there is the little brass deer. I love finding brass critters at the thrift store. Soon, I will have a whole forest of brass critters. Just wait.
So I bought the two matching vintage lamps on Etsy about a month ago. I waited and waited, and the seller never responded to my email requesting a tracking number. Two weeks after I bought them, she responded, apologizing and explaining that she had a family emergency and mailed them late. On top of that, the address ended up being wrong to boot (partly my fault, partly the sellers…long story too). Then shortly after, Canada Post went on strike.
Sad. Sad. Sad.
The seller tried and tried to call Canada Post…but, well, they were on strike. I watched the tracking like a hawk. I even went to the house where the package was addressed to and informed them that a package was to be coming their way with my name on it, and to reject it and send it back to the post office.
Finally, the package said it was in Abbotsford. Huzzah! I went to the post office where I thought it would be…and there was no post office there anymore.
We searched post offices in the area and found the nearest one and hoped for the best. When we got there, there was no sign of my package. The lady told us to check back later.
Later came, and we checked back.
No package.
She told me not to worry and insisted it was supposed to come to that particular post office. That wasn’t very reassuring to me though. If it was supposed to go there and it’s NOT, shouldn’t that be worrisome?
But I persisted.
I checked back again. The lady now said there was no record of anything being sent to my name. We tried searching the address. Nothing. I was starting to get a little bit irritated at this point. I was not about to spend $ on something only to have Canada Post lose it. (Seriously, why should they strike to get higher wages if they can’t keep track of my stuff?!)
I exchanged phone numbers with the lady and asked if she could call me when it actually came.
I had turned around to leave, however, when I heard the lady call out my name.
“Oh, it’s right here!” She said.
Somehow the tracking number got changed…(?! What? How does that happen?)
It has been sitting right there in their store room. In plain view. With my name in BIG letters across the front of the box.

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