New news!

Well! The biggest news of the hour is that it’s actually summer!
…You know, in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last week and didn’t notice that it finally stopped raining.
*Anyway*… I am SO happy that the weather has turned for the better. The non-existent spring/season of almost exclusive rainfall is over. I hope. It better be…
And in other news…

I am the owner of an espresso machine. And no, my cappuccinos don’t come from little pre-made packets. They come from the heart. I am seriously stoked to have inherited this lovely appliance from my older brother (who upgraded to a fancier schmancier machine). And when I say I’m seriously stoked, I mean…I haven’t really stopped making myself espresso since I got it. Can you have too much espresso? No. I don’t think so. (I keep asking Dave if he wants me to make him something. He’s been off caffeine for about two months now. He may be getting annoyed with me by now). I think I’m turning into a little barista. I love making drinks. We really haven’t had a coffee machine in our house for a while now. Last year we sold our Starbucks drip brew machine in favour of a French Press (which is still king if all you want is a cup o’ joe). And our old (it may actually be considered vintage by now) Mr. Coffee espresso machine hasn’t seen the light of day for years (it’s kind of embarrassing to even bring out). Enter new Breville machine, and presto! We (okay, I) feel like our kitchen is quickly heading towards adulthood.
My last little bit of news is probably the biggest news (what? Summers arrival wasn’t the biggest?) In August, I will attending a seminar in San Francisco for wedding photographers (Your Vision. Your Brand. Your business. A Wedding Photographers Workshop). It’s a small group (there were only 40 spots, and I was number 33!) so there will be some one-on-one brand and portfolio review as well as some live photo-shoots and a load of other amazingly helpful stuff. One of my favourite photographers, Jonas Peterson, will be speaking; along with Nate Kaiser from The Image is Found, Sean Flanigan, Joel Flory of Flory Photo, Kathryn Storke of Snippet & Ink and Greg Lutze, Creative Director of Must Warn Others. Dave and I are driving down and hope to make a bit of a trip out of the journey (hopefully we can leave on Saturday so we can arrive a day early. I’m REALLY excited! (I was close to throwing up when I found out I was going) This is going to be an incredible opportunity for my business.
I must admit…I have had a few dreams in the past couple of nights that I’m at the seminar getting my work reviewed and they are telling me that it sucks. Er…a little nerve-racking.

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