coming together…coming soon.

I was testing out how to display product for our Chatty Budgies shop today. This lovely little number will be one of the items for sale in the shop (er, it will be ironed in the picture for the shop though. heheh) Andrea and I have been working hard at getting everything together, and have set a deadline of September 1 to have our stuff online and launch the site. I know, I know. I kept saying that it would be up end of spring early summer. But…I guess I over estimated the workload of owning your own photography business, working a separate part time job, volunteering at a church and starting an online retail shop (on top of trying to live a life as well!)
But we are very close. Product is made and ready to be photographed, tags are in the works, website is looking good…Yep. It’s taken a while.
But I think the shop will be very exciting. Who knows…maybe one day we’ll be physically opening a little happy shop somewhere in the fraser valley. You know…dream big, right?

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