good glory! look what i found!

We went to the auction last Thursday for Chatty Budgies, and this is what I beheld!

It didn’t quite look like this. It had the original fabric on it, which was quite grungy and old, one of the pieces was missing fabric completely (as well as the top bracket, but that didn’t change too much in how it works), and the bottom was rusty and gross. I knew that I could make it bea-u-tee-ful though, and so we put in a bid. (Let me rephrase that–Dave put in a bid–I was so anxious at the auction I had to leave the room. It’s not my scene.) Ten dollars later, I had a lovely vintage 1950′s Acme adjustable dress form all to myself. I recovered all the pieces with white jersey knit (cost: $12) and Dave sanded down the iron base and repainted it (cost: free…my dads shop is full of spray paint of all colours). Good as new! I’m super stoked to start using it. It will have a dual purpose: A dress form when I’m sewing from scratch and need to fit things, and a mannequin for when I’m selling product on Etsy.
Not bad, considering the alternative was buying a new one from fabric land for over $100…and they are cheap-o feeling (all plastic and lightweight….they feel like they will break in half if you breath on them).

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  • Margaret Says:

    Hi! I’ve recently acquired the same dress form model, and I am planning on replacing the fabric soon. Do you have any pointers you could share from your experience rehabbing this one? It looks amazing. Thanks!

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