{♥} inside our house

Does it seem absurd to anyone else that I got this oil painting for $6 at the thrift store?

I looked up the artist, and all I know is that he’s from Vancouver (I found another person from California who had 3 of his paintings that he has bought over the years at auctions, and all he said on his website was that it was a painter from Vancouver).  I do know one thing for sure:  seeing as it is a ridiculously large painting (it’s 30″ x 36″) even the frame is worth more than $6.  Never mind the fact that it’s a real painting….that wasn’t mass produced by a factory in China.


I really like it.  I love the colours, and I love that it really fits in with our 60′s inspired decor.  And even if it turns out that this painter painted thousands of paintings and his stuff isn’t worth a dime, I still like it.

Funny thing is, Dave and I have been talking a lot recently about going to art auctions out in Vancouver and investing in some paintings.  Well…I think $6 is a pretty good start, don’t you?

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