Aug 15 2011

The long long drive…

Last Saturday, Dave and I headed out on a road trip to San Francisco.  If you’ve been reading my blog, then you’ll know it’s because I attended a photography seminar with Visual Supply Co.  (I’ll write more about that later this week).  I decided to try something new for our vacation photos–I was only going to use my SLR for something that I foresaw myself framing.  Everything else was done with my iPhone 4, and instagram.  It’s funny…I was much more excited to take pictures with my cell phone than my SLR (probably because taking it out when your in a restaurant or in a really busy place is sometimes awkward.)

Here’s a few of my favourites.  You can view the rest on Flickr (the gallery images below link to Flickr)

We are going here.

Seattle Tunnels.

Lodekka.  The coolest vintage dress shop ever.  Portland.

Rolling Hills…somewhere…South of Portland…. :S

Password: Tacos.

Taking the Coastal Road.

Giant Trees.

This was supposed to be a view of something.  It was a view of fog, that day.

Thanks, 1960′s kitsch.  You made the Redwood Forest an…experience…of some sort.

Yeah, we drove through the tree.

They’ve cut down a lot of the surrounding trees since I was there last (15 years ago). :(

So. Much. Fog.

So close!  But then…there was a crazy accident.  And we sat in traffic for an hour before we got anywhere. :(

Aha!  Arrived!  …And so has the fog.

Waiting for the bus, downtown.

OMG.  Tastiest BBQ’d ribs.  @ Asqew Grill restaurant, Haight st.

Morning view from our hotel.

Speaking of our Hotel…it’s the blue and white building.

This was pretty tasty too. (gourmet mexican hot chocolate. mmm.)


In Hippie Land.  The Red Victorian.  Look it up.

Last dinner in San Fran.  On the Pier.  Seafood Pasta.  Mmm.

California.  No airconditioning.  Bad.

Mt. Shasta.  The drive home.

Rest Stop.  Hours in car up till this point: 8.  Starting to go squirrely.  Taking pictures of my feet.

No airconditioning + 10 hours in a car = Weeeee!

My husband burps sunbeams.  He’s just that special. (12 hours)

Our melted brains couldn’t resist McDonalds.  Look how pleased Dave is!

And then the sun set.

But we still weren’t home.

It was only 17 1/2  hours after we left San Francisco that we got home.  To a very needy cat.  And a comfy bed.

The end.

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Dave&Courteney:SANFRAN, a set on Flickr.


Aug 12 2011

the road ahead.

I’m back.
(Did you even know I was gone?)
This past week, Dave and I were in San Francisco, where I attended the Visual Supply Co. workshop for wedding photographers. It was nuts.
Basically…everything is going to be changing with my business in the next few months. Drastically.
The session that challenged me the most, was with Greg Lutze, creative director of Must Warn Others.  He was speaking on rebranding your company, something that I have been thinking about for a while.  So far, I have found that my business doesn’t really suit who I am and what I want for photography.  So that will be changing.

Greg posed 11 questions to all of us who were in the rebranding boat.  This is what I will be going through in the next few weeks.

11 un-fun (but important) questions to start the branding process

Step back and take a look at who you are before you start the process.

1. What do you like about your current brand?

2. What do you not like?

3. Is your target market local? National? International?

4. What do you see as your primary and secondary market?

5. What other companies and photographers do you see as your main competitors?

6. What do they do well? Where do they fail? How are you different?

7. What brands outside of photography are particularly inspiring to you, and why?

8. List four words that you imagine your company to evoke?

9. If your brand was a person, what would that person be like?

10. How do you see your branding elements being used? (brochures, posters, DVDs, website, promotional gift, etc.)

11. Once the brand is launched,what would you define it as being a success to you?


And there you have it.  My homework for the next (long) while.