Nov 29 2011

’tis the season to perform…

It’s that time of year again. When everybody goes to Christmas parties and concerts and enjoys lovely Christmas music everywhere they go. And for musicians…it means it’s that time of year to be a performing monkey.
But really, I enjoy it.
This year I’m involved in only a handful of things (a response to last year where I did an overload and didn’t enjoy Christmas time). The first that’s coming up is the ladies Christmas Tea at Ross Road Community Church. I will be performing a couple of songs, as well as accompanying on piano for some carols. It is this Saturday at 11AM. Tickets are available at Ross Road CC.
Another thing that I am involved in is “Song Strings & Steps: A Christmas Tale”. SS&S is a large concert put on twice a year by Calvin Dyck, and has many talented young musicians and performers involved in it. I’m singing in an ensemble with some MEI alumni, which has been lovely. It’s nice to be back in the swing of singing in a group and having to learn music again.
Anyway…I believe that you will thoroughly enjoy this concert. Tickets are available at House of James, or Kings Music.


Nov 22 2011

newest project. top secret.

I just started working a a new project. I’m beyond excited about it. So excited that it’s difficult to not show all my progress as I go. But alas, I think it will be much more exciting to reveal it when it’s finished.

Huzzah for projects!


Nov 18 2011

the first snow.

It’s a rare thing for me to be able to go out the morning after a snowfall and photograph it. Over the last few years, it seemed inevitable that every time it snowed over night, I was working the next morning. Usually by the time I got home from work, it was always too dark to take pictures. And by the time I had a day off…well..the snow usually would be gone, or not nearly as pretty.

Last night when it snowed, I made a point of making sure that I woke up as early as possible to go out first thing to take pictures. I also took my film camera with me (as part of a new project of mine to start using film more often)
Let me just point out as well–I LOVE the snow. So not only was I taking pictures, but being out first thing in the morning in the snowy woods was just glorious. (It was also super foggy at first, which made for some neat photos too.)
Happy day!
Here are some favourites from the morning.


Nov 16 2011

going back.

A long long time ago, before the time of Bigsby, and world travels, and Mac ownership…this girl found a camera. It belonged to her husband, who learnt the art as a teenager. It was an old little thing…30 years…but it worked…and it was fascinating.

I really didn’t know a blinking think about photography when I used my first SLR. I had no dreams of being a photographer as a teenager. I was not in journalism class in high school. I honestly didn’t even know the difference between an SLR and a point and shoot. When I first saw my husbands 1976 Pentax ME, it was more of a fascination of a functional camera *that old* that drew me to it (but really it’s not *that* old…).

Dave eventually taught me all the basics, and I quickly felt like I grew out of the film thing (really, it was more that I was impatient and needed to see if my picture was successful immediately) Years passed, and the fascination turned into a career. And here I am.

Lately, however, I have been craving that look of film that you can’t get from digital (without post processing presets). I had a dream of offering wedding packages that were solely film based…something that had a real artsy fartsy (oh…did I just say that?) feel to them. The idea still interests me. Although I think I have to REALLY brush up on my film skills before that happens (as well as get me a higher-end film camera).

For Christmas this year I have asked for a Canon FTB (same era as my pentax, but a higher quality). I’m super (duper) excited to get back into film. The top picture was taken with the Pentax ME a couple months ago. I pulled it out of it’s case last night and clicked through the last few shots so that I could get film (that had been in there for about a year) developed and hone my skills. I hope to share more film with you over the next while as I ease my way back into it.

PS: I totally forgot how much film costs to develop.
PPS: I also have a Brownie that I am looking into getting some expired film for. But considering how much it costs to get 127 film developed…it will be a small project.


Nov 15 2011

a thought or two.

A few weeks ago, wedding photographer extraordinaire Jonas Peterson wrote about some things going on in the wedding industry. (READ: “The Mason Jar Manifesto”)
He has some amazing points. And coming from someone who shoots more weddings a year than there are weekends, there’s a lot of weight in what he says.

It seems, however, it has spawned something in the industry.

Suddenly, it’s okay to poo-poo the styles of weddings that we are shooting.

This morning I read an article on Huffington Post about the vintage wedding trend. (READ: “The End of the Vintage Wedding Trend”) While I think it’s great to identify when certain trends are being overdone (or misused: The typewriter decoration that has no connection to the couple other than the fact that they just found it at a thrift store) I feel like it may be inappropriate to say what’s “in” or “out” for wedding decor. Who are we, the “hired help”, to say what our clients should and shouldn’t use to decorate their special day? I seriously disliked the article pointing out the “next big trend” (Royal Wedding Glam) right after stating how making your wedding too trend specific will date your wedding and is uncool.

If it’s inappropriate to decorate your wedding in a vintage theme when you have no connection with living that lifestyle, then wouldn’t it be equally inappropriate to decorate your wedding with big shiny sparkly decor and designer pieces when you lifestyle doesn’t reflect that?

All I’m saying…is that you are getting married and you like the vintage thing because you live a lifestyle fitting of it (for green purposes, money purposes or simply style purposes) then don’t let any trendy wedding site/photographer/designer/whatever tell you that the trend is out and everyone is tired of looking at old stuff. If you happen to be a dairy farmer and having a wedding at your family farm is meaningful, then why the heck not? If a classy shindig is what you crave, then do it.

In the end, what matters is the marriage. You could do almost nothing with decor, and the day will be beautiful (I’ve shot weddings like this, and they are some of my favourites.)

So let’s stop telling people what’s cool and what’s not, and shoot wedding because love is a beautiful thing to capture.


The end.