going back.

A long long time ago, before the time of Bigsby, and world travels, and Mac ownership…this girl found a camera. It belonged to her husband, who learnt the art as a teenager. It was an old little thing…30 years…but it worked…and it was fascinating.

I really didn’t know a blinking think about photography when I used my first SLR. I had no dreams of being a photographer as a teenager. I was not in journalism class in high school. I honestly didn’t even know the difference between an SLR and a point and shoot. When I first saw my husbands 1976 Pentax ME, it was more of a fascination of a functional camera *that old* that drew me to it (but really it’s not *that* old…).

Dave eventually taught me all the basics, and I quickly felt like I grew out of the film thing (really, it was more that I was impatient and needed to see if my picture was successful immediately) Years passed, and the fascination turned into a career. And here I am.

Lately, however, I have been craving that look of film that you can’t get from digital (without post processing presets). I had a dream of offering wedding packages that were solely film based…something that had a real artsy fartsy (oh…did I just say that?) feel to them. The idea still interests me. Although I think I have to REALLY brush up on my film skills before that happens (as well as get me a higher-end film camera).

For Christmas this year I have asked for a Canon FTB (same era as my pentax, but a higher quality). I’m super (duper) excited to get back into film. The top picture was taken with the Pentax ME a couple months ago. I pulled it out of it’s case last night and clicked through the last few shots so that I could get film (that had been in there for about a year) developed and hone my skills. I hope to share more film with you over the next while as I ease my way back into it.

PS: I totally forgot how much film costs to develop.
PPS: I also have a Brownie that I am looking into getting some expired film for. But considering how much it costs to get 127 film developed…it will be a small project.

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