a hobby.

I have this…er…hobby…(if you could call it that). I am bent on recreating styles of photographs from years past. With that comes a lot of watching of youtube tutorials for hair and makeup, studying old photographs, memorizing poses from that era, and recreating the right lighting and post processing (obviously I am not doing actual film, so the last bit is just work in photoshop). I find it fascinating.
Lately (haha, actually, just in general) I’ve been feeling like I’d like to look like I belong in the 1940′s. Today was a relaxed day for me, as I got a lot done earlier in the week. So I cleared our dining room, set up lights and shot away.

I ended up taking about 200 photos to get it just right. (The pose is actually rather awkward…and I was staring right into the light). In post processing I started off by fixing some stray hairs with the clone brush, as well as editing out my nose ring (believe me…it’s easier to edit it out in photoshop than to actually take it out) I also added a vignette – which was common in this style of photograph (which would have happened naturally if I was using more lights, but…I was too lazy to set them all up) I also cropped it, so you wouldn’t see my hand holding the remote. ;)

After that, I changed the photograph to black + white, darkening the red tones in the image (to make the lips stand out more). Because I wanted the tone of the photograph to have that hand coloured feel, I painted in all the colours in layers and set them to either soft light, or multiply (depending on how light or dark I wanted it) I also changed the colour of my top to green (because I like how green looks with my new hair colour)

And lastly, I ran the photograph through a custom film filter I’ve made in Alien Skin Exposure 3, so that it had some grain and texture. Et voila!

PS: I don’t always have to take pictures of my myself, you know. If you’d like to do some pictures like this…let me know! I love doing it.

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