Hmm. That’s pinteresting.

So. Here’s the thing.
I like Pinterest. I think it has a certain potential for planning in various areas of my life. But…I tend to find things that are majorly one-off/vintage/not available for Courteney. And then I can’t get that one item out of my head. Take this fabulous floral printed dress in citrus colours. I know, right? It’s one of the most ladylike dresses. Ever. And the fact that yellow and green are basically my favourite colours doesn’t help the fact that it was an ebay auction dress that sold a couple months ago but still haunts Pinterest for me to see and want. Bad. Enough that I made a whole outfit around it…out of other things from Pinterest that I can’t have.
I have a goal though.
I. Must. Find. This. Dress.
Okay, so maybe not exactly this dress, because that would probably mean tracking down someone through ebay and threatening to steal asking if I could buy the dress of of them. But I have to find an equivalent.
Follow me on Pinterest to see the full details of this outfit (of which, the only attainable things are the J Crew flats and the hair bow, which I already have).
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