bits and pieces.

I apologize in advance for the plethora of Bigsby in this post.  I guess he was just extra cute today.

Morning.  Bigsby always comes and lays on my stomach while I read the news on my phone and check my mail.

Bigsby’s new thing is to roll around on the kitchen floor showing off his belly.  He probably thinks it will get him more treats.  He’s probably right.

Breakfast. Peanut butter and honey, whole wheat toast.  Banana.  Cappuccino.

“Hey Bigsby, come over here and stare up at me adoringly”  ”Ok.”  (Ok…maybe it was just that he wanted my toast)

New nap spot.

Baking day.

Bun day.

Banana apple oat muffins.  Will share recipe tomorrow.

Saved this little friend from work yesterday.  Chances are it won’t survive.  My bet is within a week all the yellowed leaves are going to fall off and it will look dumb.

Husband home for lunch.  Husband stirred the soup.

Homemade tomato soup + veggies + cheese.  Om nom.

Worked on arrangements.

View from behind the mic.  Recorded more songs (to be shared tomorrow).

Dave’s sparkly snare.  He bought it off of a guy that drummed for Heart in the 80′s.  The dude was pretty epic (complete with poodle perm mullet + crop top sweatshirt)

Barefoot and singing.

Our guitarist extraordinaire.

*I stopped taking pictures after the recording session, because I was working all evening on the website to get the tracks posted tomorrow.  The pictures of what I did past 7:00 would have looked like a view of my wordpress dashboard. Stay tuned for some new music posted tomorrow.  And a recipe.  Huzzah!*

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  • Natasha Says:

    Courteney, I can NEVER get over how stunning your photography is. It seriously takes my breath away every post! If I could have an ounce of your talent one day, I would be SO happy.

    What camera/lenses do you use? Beautiful!

    Have an awesome day, lady!


    • Courteney Rodda Says:

      Thanks! I use a Canon 7D. I mainly switch between a 16-35mm 2.8 lens and a 50mm 1.4 lens. All of what was taken in this post was with my 16-35, which I find is a great walk around lens.

  • Lucija Says:

    Okay, this is one gorgeous post!!
    Follow each other? :))


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