bits and pieces

Breakfast rarely deviates from this.
Someone loves it when I don’t make the bed right away.  Someone also got really annoyed two minutes later when I started making the bed.
Wearing all thrift store ‘rags’ for Church. ;)
Time to dye my hair.  Not so red anymore.  :(
The drive into Vancouver.  View from the Port Mann.
New Bridge. Old Bridge.  I can’t tell you how happy I (and about a million other people) will be when this is done.
Arrived at the Brothers.  Had a Cassis Martini.

 The Sister-In-Law prepared the most fabulous paneer curry.
There’s a good chance this conversation was about beer making.
…Inevitably always turns into this.
Tiny feet.

Food!  Glorious food!
Intense conversationing.
This was very nice.
As was this.
Especially when had with this.
And this.

I realize this post took a sudden turn towards food and wine…but that’s how it goes sometimes. ;)  It was a good day.

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