old film

I got some film developed today from our Banff trip. Want to see some more? Head over to http://art.courteneyrodda.com/blog/ to see a couple others that I posted.
Funny story…
The film that I used was expired. I knew that. I intentionally used old film so that it would be a bit of a mystery as to how the pictures would turn out. The photo lab told me that my film didn’t turn out. Confused, I asked them why it didn’t turn out? “Oh, it was expired film. It exposed all wrong.”
No, it’s supposed to be that way. I guess I should have mentioned that. They didn’t think I even wanted it.

Below are a couple of film shots from the end of an engagement session I did a while back (I finished off the film from Banff.)

I’m excited to use some more expired film.

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