without description.

Sometimes I take pictures, and I don’t have a story behind it. Sometimes they happen just because I’m driving down the road and something catches my eye. Or I get an idea of a picture I want to take, and I set it up.
Most of the time, those pictures don’t make it to my blog. Now they have a home.
CHECK IT OUT –> http://art.courteneyrodda.com/ <–
I made this section of my website to showcase my art in a non-fussy way, without having to feel like the image needs a story to go with it. They are just my pictures, without description. They stand on their own. (I hope!)
This coming week I will be sharing about future plans for my online presence. Right now, I technically have 4 websites up. I know you must be thinking…”Good grief, this girl has websites coming out of her ears.” Um…and it’s true. There’s no reason why I should be so compartmentalized.
But this will be changing. I want to be able to express that in a post of it’s own, so stay tuned. :)
PS: The image above does have a story…kind of. This morning we had dark foggy grey clouds, and I had this idea of taking a panoramic picture of the mountains with the clouds hanging over them, and lots of dark grey sky. Well, by the time I got out of church it was beautiful and sunny. Happy! But…I still wanted cloud pictures. So we managed to chase them down to the Matsqui flats, where I did some shots. It wasn’t foggy and grey like I imagined (more like fluffy white happy clouds) but I have a feeling BC won’t deprive (har har) me of another day like that.

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