Jun 26 2012

in the garden…

I really wanted to work in some quotes from that Mr Rogers “Garden of Your Mind” song, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it without sounding creepy. ;)

Lately, my dusty miller has been taking over my garden and you can’t hardly see any other flowers because it’s so mammoth.  I decided to trim it back, but couldn’t bring myself to just throw away the clippings.  I used to work in a florist shop where the florist had done a little bit of training with me and ever since then I have loved putting together arrangements with found flowers from the garden.  The tall “flowers” are anemone’s that have finished flowering (I prefer how they look like this to when they are actual flowers)

I think that learning the basics of floral arranging can be super helpful.  Not only does it make you look at what you have growing in your own garden differently, but you can save a lot of money on arrangements if you just buy the cut flowers and do it yourself.

PS: It’s mine and Dave’s 7th anniversary today!  We are celebrating by going to work…and then practicing with our jazz band.  Hah.  (Don’t worry, we did go out and have dinner last night, and then watched Harry Potter.  It was a swell evening.)

PPS: Just another plug– If you happen to be in the Fraser Valley and want to enjoy a night of jazz standards, come see us this Saturday at the House of James!  $7 at the door, 7:30 showtime.


Jun 25 2012


Things have settled down here finally (in a sense) after a long month of awkward/anxious/let’s-just-get-this-month-over-with-ness.  So in celebration of this sucky month being over…we…er…may have bought a pug.

Actually, it was more of an anniversary thing.  Tomorrow it’s seven years!  Huzzah!  So we had a choice:  weekend away somewhere…or a puppy.  And if you know me and my animal fixation…then you know it was an easy choice.

So here she is.  Minerva “Minnie” the Pug. (Named after Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, of course)   She is ten weeks old, and perfect for us.  Not too hyper, but still active.  She’s still getting used to walking on a leash, but yesterday we went to the lake and she walked almost the whole time.  She’s the perfect lap dog, and melts when you hold her.  I love her.

Bigsby is still not sure.  We have been careful to keep his routines the same.  The bedroom is still his domain and he still sleeps with us (a dog in the bed is yuck, but cats don’t stink at all) However, Minnie chases him and he really doesn’t like that.  I think eventually he will come to…tolerate her.

So in keeping with my obsessive pet portraits….here are a few more of our new addition.

Bigsby: “Really? …Really? I give it one month.  Then you’ll realize that I’m all you ever needed.”


Jun 11 2012

live in concert

If you are in the Fraser Valley/Greater Vancouver area, I’d love to invite you to come out and see my little jazz band play!  I’m pretty excited.

If you plan on attending, it would be swell if you would RSVP in the Facebook event.

Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys LIVE at House of James

PS:  I can’t promise that I will be blogging a lot in the next month.  A lot has been going on lately and I’m very much not into writing (Unless it’s ranting. And I should probably refrain.)


Jun 7 2012

moody weather.

Last week I felt like doing a moody weather session.  My lovely friend Andrea was coming over anyway, so I convinced her (hah, wasn’t that hard. ;) ) to let me do a session with her.

PS: The weather has been ridiculous lately.  It was a novelty last week when I did this session.  Now I’m done with it.  Go away, rain.