Things have settled down here finally (in a sense) after a long month of awkward/anxious/let’s-just-get-this-month-over-with-ness.  So in celebration of this sucky month being over…we…er…may have bought a pug.

Actually, it was more of an anniversary thing.  Tomorrow it’s seven years!  Huzzah!  So we had a choice:  weekend away somewhere…or a puppy.  And if you know me and my animal fixation…then you know it was an easy choice.

So here she is.  Minerva “Minnie” the Pug. (Named after Professor Minerva Mcgonagall, of course)   She is ten weeks old, and perfect for us.  Not too hyper, but still active.  She’s still getting used to walking on a leash, but yesterday we went to the lake and she walked almost the whole time.  She’s the perfect lap dog, and melts when you hold her.  I love her.

Bigsby is still not sure.  We have been careful to keep his routines the same.  The bedroom is still his domain and he still sleeps with us (a dog in the bed is yuck, but cats don’t stink at all) However, Minnie chases him and he really doesn’t like that.  I think eventually he will come to…tolerate her.

So in keeping with my obsessive pet portraits….here are a few more of our new addition.

Bigsby: “Really? …Really? I give it one month.  Then you’ll realize that I’m all you ever needed.”

2 Responses to “introducing…”

  • Jessica T. Says:

    You named her Minerva! So wonderful! When we are able to get a dog, we will name it Dobby. I would have picked a dog over a weekend away too.

  • Natasha Says:

    Okay, she is just TOO MUCH! I am melting! The cutest puppy in the world! These photos are just to die for. So exciting!!!

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