bits + pieces: evening edition

So.  Summer finally showed up here in BC.

It’s nice.

But it’s pretty hot.

We bought and air conditioner.  It’s first time I have actually wanted one.

Right now I am sitting in the house with all the lights off.  Somehow, it seems cooler that way.  I shot everything for bits and pieces with no lights on.  Aaand…that’s about how the evening went.

The remains of iced coffee.

I painted a little today.  This is not what I painted.  This is just my palette.  But I’m thinking it’s starting to look good enough to go on the wall. :P

Don’t worry, Bigsby fans.  I have not forgotten the wondercat since the coming of the Pug.

Worked on a little Rachmaninoff today.  First time since getting the Pug that I have been able to sit at the piano for longer than 2 minutes.

Blinds and curtains.  Shut.  Don’t let the light in.

This cotton eyelet dress gets worn a lot lately.

These are also getting a lot of use too.

He taunts her.  Somehow he forgets that she has chewed through that gate twice, and will do it a third time if she really wants to get to him.

Resting in the air-conditioned room.

Broke a string on my ukelele.  Dang.

Messy kitchen.  I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Minnie the Pug thinks it’s hot too.  She was sleeping, until she saw the camera.  Then she started barking at it.

The last light.

There goes the neighbourhood.

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