dream dream dream.

Lately Dave and I have been talking more and more about home owning.  While we know that the reality is still far off for us, it’s still nice to look.  Our dream home would be very mid-century modern.  Which…let’s be honest, doesn’t really happen in Abbotsford.  But perhaps there was some rich doctor in 1959 in Abbotsford who built a gem of a house and it’s just waiting for us to be able to buy it.  Yep.

I collect vintage home magazines and these are from the August of 1956.  I want this house.  Every bit of it.

I stare at these pictures from time to time and imagine myself sitting on that amazing patio space on a summer evening.  It feels like the perfect West Coast modern home to me.  I happened to do a little bit of sleuthing on the home and discovered that this house is still alive and kicking. (I even discovered, through the architects archives what the address is.  Maybe I’ll be a creeper and sit on their patio when they are away.)

I suppose the least creepy thing to do, though, is to one day pattern the fabulous home that I will inevitably build off of this one.  I even have the floor plan! ;)

PS: Don’t worry.  I’m not as much of a creeper as it seems.  The floor plan was in the magazine, along with the names of the architect and the person who photographed the house, which is how I ended up finding out the address of the house.  Dave and I joked that we are going to contact a real estate agent in the Seattle area and pretend to be rich prospective home buyers, just so we can tour the house.  Although I have a feeling whoever owns it now probably doesn’t have the cool retro furniture.  :(

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  • Jen Says:

    Hi, I’m Jen, and I have an equally bad Tudor addiction. I’m glad I’m not the only one who jokingly plans to dream up a scheme to tour my favorite houses. We’re just joking. REALLY.

    <3 jen @ stuff jen did

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