fall, 1972

I’ve been watching a lot of 70′s TV shows lately…can you tell?

Last year I got this dress at the thrift store just before my birthday (*ahem* two weeks 1 day) and I failed to take any pictures during my birthday party, thus the dress was never shared.  So a year later, here we are.  To be honest though, fashion blogging has never really been my strongpoint.  But every now and then…

I LOVE this dress.  It’s comfortable…feels like  a good fall outfit (and looks good with purple tights.  Yes.)

Hah…side story:  I never like taking pictures of myself outside because…well…people watch and it’s awkward.  But today…Minnie watched.  And barked.  Maybe she could tell I looked awkward.

PS: I curled my hair three times today. THREE.  My hairdresser says flat irons are the best for long lasting curls, but I tried and they all fell flat.  I tried again with the flat iron after my walk (after all, it was a foggy damp morning) but those fell flat.  I’m about to head out for this evening so I curled them again (with a curling iron)…and they are not looking so good.  How on earth does one get curly hair to stay put??

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