Sep 5 2012

fancy shmancy

Umm…hello red dress.

I just got a new dress for performing in.  I have a couple of more formal occasions coming up that I’m singing at and this little number will be perfect.   Not to mention perfect if Dave and I ever get invited to a formal black tie affair.  Cause that could happen.  You never know.

This dress is so pretty that I put it on my dress form so that I could stare at it instead of working  make sure that is fits…um…my dress form.  Within seconds, however, Bigsby thought it looked like a fantastic red scratching post.  I murdered him  gave him a stern talking to and locked him in the bathroom.  The dress is now safe and sound back in it’s dress bag in the closet.

PS:  If you were wondering, Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys are available to do entertainment at weddings.  For more information, email me @

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