Nov 9 2012

when autumn leaves start to fall

This morning after walking Minnie, I decided to go to one of my favourite spots to walk and take pictures.  It’s a crazy beautiful day today, so it’d be silly to not want to capture it.  Yesterday and today we got the first frost of the season, and I keep looking at the weather report hoping for that tiny snowflake symbol.  Here in the pacific northwest, however, that tiny snowflake symbol comes rarely in winter.  It’s more like once or twice per winter we get a big dump of snow, and then it melts within 2 or 3 days.  But alas…I keep hoping…maybe this year will be the one when we have a white Christmas.

As I was walking back to the car I noticed an area where the sun hadn’t quite gotten to, and it was covered in heavy frost.  As I approached, the sun was just peaking up over the trees and shining on the frost, making it look like the whole area had been covered in glitter.  So pretty.


Nov 2 2012

old crow.

I was cleaning up today and found this old picture that I took on our honeymoon (7 1/2 years ago!) when I was learning film.  Despite it being taken in June, it feels like a November picture.

I hope your Fridays are all going well.  I’m making mini pumpkin pies this afternoon, for company tonight.  So far…they are not looking very nice.  But I’m sure they will taste fine. :P  Easy as pie is fine when it comes to big pies, but so far I have never been able to succeed at mini pies.  I don’t know why I keep trying.

Happy Friday!


Nov 1 2012

november desktop calendar

Happy November to all of you!

I have been getting back into illustrating in the last few weeks (I’m hoping to do prints of my illustrations for Christmas cards, so I started early).  While I’ve been doing that, I also started drawing out some desktop calendars for myself and thought maybe I should share them with you!

So here is Novembers calendar! Enjoy.

November 2012 Desktop Calendar downloads:  [small] 800 x 600     |     [medium] 1280 x 1024     |     [large] 1600 x 1200      |     [x-large] 1920 x 1440