Dec 19 2012

slush puppy

…And now, for your viewing pleasure:  Minnie, the Christmas Pug!

Because more pictures of pugs is just what the internet needs.


Dec 5 2012


I have the best critters in the world.  No competition.  Period.  The end.  Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.


Dec 3 2012

december desktop calendar

Oh my goodness it’s December!  How did that happen??

I had this ready a month ago, but somehow December snuck up on me, and here I am posting it late.  Here’s Decembers desktop calendar.

[small] 800 x 600     |      [medium] 1280 x 1024      |      [large] 1600 x 1200       |      [x-large] 1920 x 1440