grown up

Let me just preface this post by thanking everyone for their kind words in the past little while. I know I haven’t been able to respond to everyone, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you.  :)

And now for something completely different.

Dave and I officially feel like we have graduated into the grown-up group. Why is that, you ask? We bought a couch. A COUCH ladies and gentlemen. We have only ever had a small love-seat in our living room, and it’s always so cramped when we have guests over. So now we can seat 4 people in our living room, instead of 3. Ha. The best part of this whole couch buying extravaganza is that we went to the store to buy a saucepan…and came out with a couch**. It’s so very comfortable as well (which our last love-seat was NOT).

So now that we have enough seating for 4 people in our living room, you can bet we are going to have some wild crazy parties.

PS: I suppose I could have put on my wide angle lens and taken a picture of the whole couch…but I couldn’t be bothered to open up my camera bag.  I’m two days off of caffeine and the world looks like an ugly place.  Extra effort just seems so lame right now.

**We had been saving up to buy a new bed frame, so it wasn’t that impulsive. The bed frame will still be there in a few months, but this couch was on clearance at 80% off. It was most likely not going to be there much longer.**

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