Feb 26 2013

taking care of business

Folks, I need to chat about wedding photography…and I hope this doesn’t come out as whiny.
A few years ago I was about ready to give up wedding photography completely. I had a terrible (terrible) wedding experience that left me feeling like I was unable (or unwilling?) to deal with rowdy hectic weddings. After that wedding (which was at the end of the season) I made the decision to not advertise for the next season and see what would happen. So last summer I took it easy with weddings, only taking ones that felt right. Suddenly, after doing some amazing weddings for people that appreciated my work (and not just a price point), I had new passion for the industry and was excited to do more.
Of course, fall/winter of 2012 happened (if you are unaware of my goings on of fall/winter 2012, read about it HERE). For that reason, I didn’t advertise, and even turned away work, which was foolish…but there you go.
This all leads up to now…
I really want to be doing more wedding photography, but I am completely stumped as to how to get the word out about my business. I have seen the way some other photographers advertise on facebook with contests and specials. This does not speak to me at all. I would feel like I was selling out if I gave out deals like “Book TODAY and get 25% off your wedding!”
So how does one advertise in a classy way? I tried google ads, paid facebook ads (none of which seemed to yield anything). I hand out business cards whenever I can. In the end though, advertising for myself feels SO uncomfortable. Despite my clients being over the top happy with their pictures and vowing to tell everyone about me, the word of mouth aspect doesn’t seem to travel very far.
What do you think? What get’s you to share someones photography? What kind of advertising would grab your attention?

I just want to take pictures. The end.


Feb 23 2013


Over the past few weeks I have been purging and cleaning like crazy in the house.  It all started because…wait for it…I lost my camera remote, and have been driving myself crazy trying to find it.  So because of that, I have turned every room upside down, purged unwanted things and reorganized.  My office has got to be the most satisfying, since I spend a lot of time in here (and it’s teeny, so when it’s messy it’s overwhelming).  I’m pretty sure the best recent organizational addition is my neat-o thread holder on the wall that I made from an old picture frame.  How cute is that?  I think that colour of green is also my new favourite colour.

I dumped out all my drawers and sorted them, and still didn’t find my remote.  *drrrrr*.  Just going to have to suck it up and buy a new one (and when I do, I’m sure I’ll find the old one in a random place.)

PS: How amazing is this little owl pen holder?  I found it at the thrift store for 30cents.  Yes!

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Feb 2 2013

Live at La Casa

Everyone always bugs me that I don’t post these things soon enough…
So hey, everyone! We are having a concert in a month! Come one come all to Courteney Rodda and the Other Guys LIVE at La Casa! It’s going to be fanTASmic!
PS: La Casa is LICENSED. Now you can enjoy the sounds of your favourite local band while sipping a fine wine. What better way to spend your evening?