Lately, I can’t stop thinking about redoing our bedroom.  A few months ago I got tired of our all white bedding showing every little mark from our critters who love to hang out on it.  I bought new bedding, (simple cyan coloured, no pattern) which at the time seemed great.  Although let’s be honest…I like me a neutral light coloured bed.

I started brainstorming over what I wanted to change and finally put my pinterest account to use (although I really still can’t get the hang of it.)  This duvet cover (left) totally jumped out at me.  At first I planned on making a quilt like this, but really, this duvet cover does the same thing.  I love the idea of lots of layers and pillows, although I still want it to look clean and modern. Something like this bed - modern, but still cozy looking.  I also think accent pillows in mustard would look fab against the grey and white.

Dave and I have been planning on getting a new bed frame, owing to the fact that ours will not survive another move (it’s barely being held together now).  Plus, Bigsby seems to think it’s the greatest scratching post ever made (it’s wicker).  Ideally, we would love a lovely solid walnut mid-century styled bed to match the rest of our bedroom furniture (the original bed frame that came with it was a double).  In real life, however, spending $2000 on a bed is a little bit…out of the question.  Thanks to Ikea, though, we found two beds [one] + [two] that match reasonably well with the rest of our furniture…fake wood, but hey, I wouldn’t expect anything solid for under $200.

As for artwork, we currently have a large painting of a west coast harbour by a Vancouver artist above our bed, but I’d like to move it to the living room.  I’m thinking of getting an engineering print done of one of my photographs (below).  It’s pretty cheap (about $10 for a 4ft x 2.5ft print!), and I like how it has a rougher look.

I still really want to make a quilt for the end of the bed and hope to do something in solid mustard yellow.  Since I have never made a quilt before though…we’ll see what happens.

I think the biggest thing is convincing Dave to let me paint the bedroom.  We’ll see how that goes…hah.  Right now it is white with a pink tint (ceiling and all). Lovely, right?  Thanks land-lady for your classy colour choice.  I used to have white furniture before we got our vintage set, and it looked absolutely miserable next to the tinted pink walls (the trim is all bright white, and my white furniture was antique white.  It made for a yucky looking combination).  I’d rather the walls be stark white, or maybe a very light shade of grey.

Add to all this a new area rug (one that doesn’t have stains all over it from house training a puppy)…

…and you have an expensive dream.  Maybe I’ll just do it one small throw pillow at at time.  ;)


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