Oh, by the way…

So…in case you missed the memo (or are just not friends with me on facebook) Dave and I made a little announcement yesterday.

We are expecting this new little critter sometime around the beginning of November, or maybe even the end of October (baby is consistently measuring ahead of schedule, so I guess only time will tell).

When we first found out, we were pretty cautious.  Last time we told quite a few people right away, and it did feel kind of sucky having to un-tell people.

A few weeks into it (when I thought I was 7 weeks), it looked like things weren’t going too well.  With my history, I immediately went to the doctor that day and asked for tests, ultrasounds…whatever he could offer.  He offered a quantitative HCG test–which I was already leery of, because with my previous pregnancy HCG numbers seemed to indicate that everything was fine (in case you don’t know, a quantitative HCG test measures the level of the HCG hormone in your blood, a hormone present when you are pregnant.  You are then supposed to see if it rises sufficiently in the appropriate time).

The doctor called back and told me that the numbers had went down a bit.  Not a lot, but they didn’t rise like he was expecting.  He gave me no more information, but ordered an immediate u/s.  Of course, I asked Dr. Google what he thought (since I was despairing) and Dr. Google told me a few things: A) HCG numbers dipping means a miscarriage. B) HCG numbers dipping means you are further along than you thought–because the numbers plateau at a certain point in the growth and start to drop.   C) Vanishing twin syndrome, where twins were conceived and one dies. OR D) the worst: An ectopic pregnancy (baby in the fallopian tubes).

I spent a week feeling miserable and sorry for myself until my ultrasound. Finally, the ultrasound day came.  The tech was very lovely, and asked me why I was having this u/s and what I expected to see.  After explaining what had happened,  I told her I was expecting to see “nothing”, and we proceeded.  A few minutes into the ultrasound, she said “Well I don’t know what that doctor is talking about because everything looks great.”  She said I was 10 weeks (what?!) and the baby was right where it should be.  I was (and still am) a little baffled about the baby’s size, as I keep track of cycles and two weeks ahead is kind of crazy, although 1 week ahead makes some sense (and I guess my baby is just fat/tall?)

This last ultrasound (on Thursday) baby is still ahead of schedule.  I’m not complaining (although I might be if I end up having a 12lb baby).  I’m still not sure what my due date is.  Originally when I first got pregnant, it was Nov. 8th.  First u/s, I refused to bump the date up two weeks and only changed it one (as I was sure the baby’s size would figure itself out) and it was Nov. 1st.  Second u/s, baby is still ginormous, and I have a bulging belly…so…I’m starting to feel like maybe I should just go with the baby’s size rather than what I insist the baby’s age is. ;) Maybe the due date is Oct. 24th?  Who knows.  I guess this little one will come when it comes (but hopefully not too soon!)

In the meantime, I’ve been putting pinterest to good use and planning our nursery, and trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to fit my office…in our living room.

Happy day!


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